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Every year, district staff are asked to do more with less. DocumentLOK was specifically designed to make this a non-issue.


Connect your staff, students, and parents with your PowerSchool data and student documents.


Collaborate with DocumentLOK's workflow processes to gain unsurpassed efficiency, accuracy, and regulatory compliance.

Conquer the mountain of paper that has plagued school districts for generations.


File documents in DocumentLOK with flexibility and ease

  • Scan documents from any TWAIN-compliant scanner or multi-function device (MFD)

  • Import electronic documents from your network, a USB drive, or mobile device

  • Download files from the Internet 

  • Upload pictures, images, electronic forms, audio files, video files - any file in any format

  • "Print" any document directly into DocumentLOK using our virtual printer

  • Save Microsoft Office files directly into DocumentLOK with our powerful Office integration

  • Capture emails and/or attachments directly into DocumentLOK from Outlook or Gmail

  • Accept uploads from PowerSchool's Parent Portal (held in a 'Pending' status until approved)

  • Mass-created documents including report cards, transcripts, etc. can be captured directly from PowerSchool, then automatically burst, indexed, and filed with 4 mouse clicks

  • Mass-created documents such as standardized test reports from outside testing services can be captured, too!


Link documents to any PowerSchool student or staff record

  • Indexing or metadata (think: hashtags) are automatically pre-populated from PowerSchool

  • Index values can also be captured from file names, barcodes, and/or within the document itself

  • Campus identifiers are automatically included in the indexing schema to help districts comply with FERPA requirements

  • Additional indexing can be applied from easy-to-use drop-down lists

  • Free-form descriptions can also be used, if needed, to add further clarity to the document


Secure documents based on any criteria you choose

  • Documents are secured with military-grade 256-bit encryption

  • Documents are stored as encrypted binary large objects (BLOBs) in a SQL database - not in a simple file structure that can be easily hacked or circumvented

  • Grant or restrict access by any metadata values applied during indexing

  • Grant or restrict access based upon a user's membership in any Active Directory security group

  • Grant or restrict access based upon a user's membership in any PowerSchool Role group

  • Grant or restrict access based upon campus to comply with FERPA

  • Ultra-sensitive documents such as IEPs, 504 or SPED documents can be stored in completely separate databases which bear their own security rules

  • Any activity, with any document, performed by any staff member is automatically tracked and logged to help your district comply with strict HIPAA and FERPA regulations


Acquiring, indexing, and securing student documents easily isn't much help unless they can also be accessed and managed easily

  • Easy, intuitive interface eliminates the need for multi-level menus or button bars

  • Easily search for documents based upon any combination of index criteria

  • A single mouse click from any screen within PowerSchool takes you to that student's records; no need to open a separate application

  • View any document (that you have permissions to access) with a single click

  • Easily move misfiled documents to the correct student in seconds without needing to re-input indexing information

  • Download, email, fax, or print a document in seconds with as few as two mouse clicks

  • Manage document lifecycles

  • Automatic version control for live documents; any revision automatically saves the document as a new version. Revert back to a prior version at any time; prior versions are never deleted or overwritten

  • Easy file audits; identify student records that either contain, or are missing specific documents within minutes

Locate, retrieve, and manage student or staff documents in mere seconds

automate and manage processes

Collaborate and manage streamlined processes
for consist and efficient execution every time

  • DocumentLOK's powerful, yet flexible, workflow feature lets you establish a consistent, pre-defined series of steps for even the most complex processes

  • Achieve maximum teamwork and collaboration within your staff

  • Assign responsibilities to an individual or group 

  • Define a length of time within which each step must be completed

  • Define which documents must be included for each step

  • Set approval requirements

  • Monitor and manage your, or your staff's, workflow queue(s)

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