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All your student records, centralized, secured, and accessible from within your SIS or Business Office system

DocumentLOK is your all-inclusive platform for digitizing your student records, and records from any other department in your district, giving you secure and instant access by staff, parents and teachers alike. DocumentLOK can operate as an embedded plugin, API-integrated system, or standalone document management system - dependent upon your needs, giving staff members with proper security permissions access to student or business documents from anywhere within your systems with a couple clicks.


DocumentLOK knocks down the silos of information and documentation so you never have to worry about where your documents are, which document is the current version, the correct version, or the true business record.

Security On Steroids

Security within DocumentLOK is second to none. We start out with Military-grade 256-bit (not just 128-bit, like even some banks use) encryption to ensure that your sensitive student and business information is never compromised — at least not within the (estimated)
2.29 x10^34, or     
22,900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years needed for decryption.). Then, we top that with district-definable permissions based upon any criteria you can think of, and serve it up with a side of Windows Active Directory or SIS Roles integration for absolutely impenetrable security.


Tools For Regulatory Compliance

K-12 education is one of the most heavily-regulated markets in the country. Regulations such as HIPAA, FERPA, FOIA, 20 U.S. Code §1232g, plus a myriad of state-specific laws are enough to make an educator’s head spin. While no document management system can guarantee your compliance — DocumentLOK by Bull Valley Software gives you the tools that you need to make sure your policies and procedures are in compliance.

To learn more about how DocumentLOK can help you

We Make it Easy to Partner With Us

We Don't Nickel-and-Dime Our Districts

Some document management providers boast as many as 150 different modules! And, of course, each module carries its own additional cost. With DocumentLOK, you don't have to worry about being nickel-and-dimed into oblivion. With DocumentLOK, you get everything. Period. No additional $1.00 per student for this module, or $1.50 per student for that module. When you partner with us, you get it all. Every function. Every time.


We Give You Hosting Options

Host your DocumentLOK on-prem

Host your DocumentLOK with us

Host your DocumentLOK with 3rd party provider

It's all good.

Electronic Document

Easy File Audits

How many times has your staff gone through each and every physical file, making sure that all of the mandated documents are present? With DocumentLOK by Bull Valley Software, that becomes a thing of the past. Easily execute queries to discover which students' records are complete, which ones are not, and what specific documents are missing.

All at no additional cost.


Leverage DocumentLOK Across Your Entire District

Certainly, your student records are a common driving force behind implementing a document management system. But why stop there? DocumentLOK can manage all of your documents in all of the other departments within your district as well — such as Transportation, Food Service, Human Resources, I.T., Finance, School Board, and more.


All at no additional cost.

Binders - Policies & Procedures.jpg

Automate Critical Processes

With DocumentLOK’s workflow module, document processes such as enrollment, incident/accident handling, FOIA response, incoming/outgoing transfers, or discipline protocols can follow pre-determined steps, designed by you, so you can be confident that they are being handled the right way, every time.

All at no additional cost.


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